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Unformatted text preview: 2.1.1 5 WORK PACKAGE WBS Controls WBS SCHEDULES SCHEDULES DECISION DECISION TREES TREES WORK WORK BREAKDOWN BREAKDOWN MGT. MGT. COORDIN. COORDIN. ORGANIZ. ORGANIZ. CHARTS CHARTS STRUCTURE STRUCTURE ACCOUNTACCOUNTABILITY ABILITY COSTS COSTS WBS Interfacing Benefits WBS The responsibility assignment matrix Network scheduling Costing Risk analysis Organizational structure Coordination of objectives Control (including contract administration) Work Package Control Point Work WBS FUNCTIONAL ORGANIZATION WORK PACKAGES WBS Work Packages WBS Represents units of work at the level where the work is performed Clearly distinguishes one work package from all others assigned to a single functional group Contains clearly defined start and end dates that are representative of physical accomplishment Target is 80 hours and about two weeks, but depends on size/nature of the project. WBS Packages (Continued) WBS Specifies a budget in terms of dollars, man-hours, or other measurable units Limits the work to be performed to relatively short periods of time to minimize the work-in-process effort The Project Kickoff Meeting The Knowing When To Pull The Plug Knowing REASONS WHY PLANS FAIL Corporate goals not understood lower down in the organization/company Plans encompass too much in too little time Poor financial estimates Plans based upon insufficient data Poor staff requirements Insufficient time allocated for projec...
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