Misinterpretation areas misinterpretation mixing

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Unformatted text preview: nel turnover is high. Misinterpretation Areas Misinterpretation Mixing tasks, specifications, approvals, and special instructions Using imprecise language (“nearly,” “optimum,” “approximately,” etc.) No pattern, structure, or chronological order Wide variation in size of tasks Wide variation in how to describe details of the work Failing to get third-party review IF A STATEMENT OF WORK IS MISINTERPRETED, IS IT IN FAVOR OF THE CONTRACTOR OR CUSTOMER? PURPOSE OF WBS IT IS TO STRUCTURE AN ASSIGNED PROJECT INTO VARIOUS ACTIVITIES IN ORDER THAT: Detailed planning can be performed Costs and budgets can be established Objectives can be linked to available resources in a logical manner Specific authority and responsibility can be assigned WORK BREAKDOWN STRUCTURE Can be developed using a top-down or bottom-up approach Can be hardware-related, function-related, or a combination Depth of WBS must balance out management effort against planning accuracy (influences technical and cost control) For accuracy purposes the WBS should be taken down several levels The WBS must be structured for objective control & evaluation Work Breakdown Work Structure (WBS) The total program can be described a...
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