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Provide communication link with customers senior

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Unformatted text preview: n of critical issues – Provide communication link with customer’s senior management THE SEVEN PHASES OF A PROJECT 1. Wild enthusiasm 2. Disillusionment 3. Chaos 4. Search for the guilty 5. Punishment of the innocent 6. Promotion of the non-participants 7. Define the requirements Planning/Scheduling Tools Planning/Scheduling Defining Requirements Defining The statement of work (SOW) The project specifications The milestone schedule The work breakdown structure (WBS) STATEMENT-OF-WORK (SOW) COMPLEXITY IS DETERMINED BY TOP MANAGEMENT, CUSTOMER AND/OR USER GROUP(S) FOR INTERNAL PROJECTS: SOW IS PREPARED BY THE PROJECT OFFICE AND/OR USER GROUP(S) POINTS TO ADDRESS WHEN DEVELOPING A STATEMENT-OF-WORK Purpose - objectives Exclusions - what should not be done Quantities - how many Schedule - when the work will be started/completed Deliverables (i.e... work done) Acceptance criteria - what method will be used to accept deliverables Responsibility - department, office or person responsible WHO PREPARES THE STATEMENT-OF-WORK (SOW) Preparation of internal SOWs Project office and/or user groups Preparation of external SOWs Dependent on situation, & complexity Project manager/ line managers and project sponsor Client who may have the capabilities Client may decide to contract out to an independent body Client may contract your services PREPARATION OF A STATEMENT OF WORK REQUIRES TRA...
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