Reasons for planning reasons to eliminate or reduce

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Unformatted text preview: r Planning Reasons To eliminate or reduce uncertainty To improve efficiency of the operation To obtain a better understanding of the objectives To provide a basis for monitoring and controlling work DEFINITION OF A PROJECT LIFE CYCLE PMO PMO Resources Utilized CONVERSION OR TERMINATION PHASE * RESOURCES CONCEPTUAL FEASIBILITY AND DETAILED IMPLEMENTATION PHASE PRELIMINARY PLANNING PHASE PHASE PLANNING PHASE TIME PLANNING QUESTIONS OFTEN ASKED * * * * Who plans the project? Who executes the project? Who is responsible for monitoring work and controlling work? Who is responsible for providing feedback regarding the planning and execution phases of a project? The Line Manager(s) ? The Project Manager ? Both Parties ? Project Manager’s Project Responsibility Project Manager will define: – Goals and objectives – Major milestones – Requirements – Ground rules and assumptions – Time, cost, and performance constraints – Operating procedures – Administrative policy – Reporting requirements Line Manager’s Line Responsibility Line manager will define: – Detailed task descriptions to implement objectives, requirements, and milestones – Detailed schedules and manpower allocations to support budget and schedule – Identification of areas of risk, uncertainty, and conflict Senior Management’s Senior Responsibility Senior management (project sponsor) will: – Act as the negotiator for disagreements between project and line management – Provide clarificatio...
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