Statement of work risks if a statement of work is

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Unformatted text preview: INING RATHER THAN LUCK. STATEMENT-OF-WORK RISKS IF A STATEMENT OF WORK IS MISINTERPRETED, IS IT NORMALLY IN FAVOR OF THE CLIENT OR CONTRACTOR ? Statement of Work Elements Statement General scope of the work Objectives and related background Contractor’s tasks Contractor end-item performance requirements Reference to related studies, documentation, and specifications Data items (documentation) Support equipment for contract end-item Statement of Work Elements Statement (Continued) Customer-furnished property, facilities, equipment, and services Customer-furnished documentation Schedule of performance Exhibits, attachments, and appendices The Cost Of Paperwork Problem Areas Project objectives/goals are not agreeable to all parties. Project objectives are too rigid to accommodate changing priorities Insufficient time exists to define objectives well. Objectives are not adequately quantified. Objectives are not documented well enough. Efforts of client and project personnel are not coordinated. Person...
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