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Estimating other reasons why plans fail no attempt

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Unformatted text preview: t estimating OTHER REASONS WHY PLANS FAIL No attempt made to systemize the planning process Planning was performed by a planning group No one knows the ultimate objectives No one knows the major milestone dates Project estimates are best guesses and are not based on any standards, or history No one bothered to see if there would be personnel available with the necessary skills People not working towards the same specs Constant shuffle of personnel in and out of the project with little regard for the schedule Change of management and their objectives. Change(s) in the macro environment Stopping Projects Stopping Final achievement of the objectives Poor initial planning and market prognosis A better alternative is found A change in the company interest and strategy Allocated time is exceeded Key people leave the organization Personal whims of management Problem too complex for the resources available Behavioral Stoppages Behavioral Poor morale Poor human relations Poor labor productivity No commitment by those involved in the project Ways to Terminate Ways Orderly planned termination The “hatchet” (withdrawal of funds and removal of personnel) Reassignment of people to higher priority efforts Redirection of efforts toward different objectives Burying it or letting it die on the vine...
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