Because key people can be shared the program cost is

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Unformatted text preview: lems: that is, better people control is possible. Slide 34 Matrix Structure Advantages (Continued) y y y Slide 35 Matrix Structure Advantages (Continued) y y y Slide 36 A strong technical base can be developed, and much more time can be devoted to complex problem-solving. Knowledge is available for all projects on an equal basis. Conflicts are minimal, and those requiring hierarchical referral are more easily resolved. There is a better balance between time, cost and performance. Rapid development of spets and generalists occurs. Authority and responsibility are shared. Stress is distributed among the team (and the functional managers). Matrix Structure Disadvantages y y y y y y y Multidimensional information flow. Multidimensional work flow. Dual reporting. Continuously changing priorities. Management goals different from project goals. Potential for continuous conflict and conflict resolution. Difficulty in monitoring and control. Slide 37 Matrix Structure Disadvantages (Continued) y y y Slide 38 Matrix S...
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