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Unformatted text preview: tructure Disadvantages (Continued) y y y y Slide 39 Company-wide, the organizational structure is not cost-effective because more people than necessary are required, especially administrative. Each project organization operates independently. Care must be taken that duplication of efforts does not occur. More effort and time are needed initially to define policies and procedures, compared to the traditional organizational form. Functional managers may be biased according to their own set of priorities. The balance of power between the project and functional organizations must be watched. The balance of time, cost and performance must be monitored. Although rapid response time is possible for individual problem resolution, the reaction time can become quite slow. Matrix Structure Disadvantages (Continued) y y y Employees and managers are more susceptible to role ambiguity than in the traditional organizational form. Conflicts and their resolution may be a continuous process (possibly requiring support of an organizational spet). People...
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