It readily admits mass production activities within

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Unformatted text preview: eadily admits mass production activities within established specifications. Slide 10 Advantages (Continued) y y y Slide 11 It provides good control over personnel, since each employee has one and only one person to report to. Communication channels are vertical and well established. Quick reaction capability exists, but may be dependent upon the priorities of the functional managers. Classical Structure Disadvantages y y y No one individual is directly responsible for the total project (i.e., no formal authority; committee solutions). It does not provide the project-oriented emphasis necessary to accomplish the project tasks. Coordination becomes complex, and additional lead time is required for approval of decisions. Slide 12 Disadvantages (Continued) Continued) y y y y Decisions normally favor the strongest functional groups. There is no customer focal point. Response to customer needs is slow. There is difficulty in pinpointing responsibility; this is the result of little or no direct project reporting, very little project-oriented planning, and no project authority. Slide 13 Disad...
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