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Unformatted text preview: ions (continued) y Slide 8 What environmental changes are likely to affect the future trend of company operations? What organizational measures can be taken to insure that the enterprise responds to these effectively? Classical Structure Advantages y y y y y y Easier budgeting and cost control are possible. budgeting control possible. Better technical control is possible. is – Spets can be grouped to share – can share knowledge and responsibility. responsibility. – Personnel can be used on many different – can be used on projects. rojects. – All projects will benefit from the most – All projects will benefit from most advanced technology (better utilization of (better utilization of scarce personnel). It provides flexibility in the use of manpower. Slide 9 Advantages (Continued) y y y It provides a broad manpower base to work with. It provides continuity in the functional disciplines; policies, procedures, and lines of responsibility are easily defined and understandable. It r...
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