The emphasis on the various operation functions

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Unformatted text preview: various operation functions focuses attention on the internal aspects and relations of the company to the detriment of its external relations. Functional organizations tend to be closed systems. Which Structure Is Best For Project Management? The Classical Management Structure General Manager Director Level Engineering Production Sales Marketing Adminis Admin. tration Division Level Department Level Section Level Functional Responsibility Slide 19 Departmental Project Management Division Manager Department X Department Z Department Y Project Leaders Section Level Project Leaders Project Leaders Section Level Section Level Slide 20 Project Expeditor ENGINEERING DIVISION LIAISON DEPT. PIPING HVAC CHEMICAL DRAFTING legend Formal authority / reporting flow Informal authority / reporting flow Slide 21 Project Coordinator LEGEND DIVISION MGR. FORMAL FLOW PROJECT MGR. INFORMAL FLOW DEPT. MANAGER DEPT. MANAGER Slide 22 Project Coordinator Weaknesses y y y y y y Upper-level management was not ready to cope level management not ready cope with the problems arising from shared authority. shared Upper-level management was reluctant to level mana...
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