This results in reduced authority for the project

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Unformatted text preview: cutive meddling in projects.  Creation of endless job description manuals. This can often be prevented by asking for authority / responsibility clarification and using a responsibility assignment matrix (RAM). Slide 43 Balancing Technical and Human Skills Technical Skills High Low Human Skills Junior Team Member Senior Team Member Supervisor Middle Manager Senior Officer President Slide 44 The Multidimensional Matrix Time, Dimension or Space Note: Each slice could be a different country. Slide 45 Relative Influence Project Vs. Functional Influences Project Influence in Decision-Making Functional Influence In Decision-Making Dual Influence Functional Organization Matrix Organization Project Organization Slide 46 Factors For Selecting An Organizational Form y y y y y y y Slide 47 Project size Project length Project management experience Philosophy and visibility of executives Project location Available resources Unique aspects of the project Strategic Business Unit Project Management SBU SBU Ford Ford Programs Programs SBU SBU GM GM Programs Programs SBU SBU Chrysler Chrysler Programs Programs Program Program Managers Managers Slide 48 SBU Project Management Using Platform Management SBU SBU Platform Project Management Platform Platform Platform Platform Platform Platform SBU SBU SBU SBU SBU SBU Program Program Managers Managers...
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