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Unformatted text preview: tinued) y y y y y y y y y y Slide 26 Personnel demonstrate loyalty to the project; to better morale with product identification. A focal point develops for out-of- company -of-company customer relations. ustomer There is flexibility in determining time (schedule), is in cost, and performance trade- offs. ost, and performance -offs. Interface management becomes easier as unit size is decreased. ize decreased. Upper-level management maintains more free level management maintains time for executive decision making. Projectized Structure Disadvantages y y Cost of maintaining this form in a multiproduct company would be prohibitive due to duplication of effort, facilities, and personnel; inefficient usage. There exists a tendency to retain personnel on a project long after they are needed. Upper-level management must management must balance workloads as projects start up and are phased out. Slide 27 Disadvantages (Continued) Continued) y y y y Technology suffers because, without strong functional groups, outlook of the future to improve company’s capabilities capabilities for new programs would be hampered (i.e., no perpetuation of technology). Control of functional (i.e., organizational)...
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