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Y project mgr z fu nctional responsibility

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Unformatted text preview: e Project Responsibility Others Slide 31 Matrix Structure Advantages y y Slide 32 Matrix Structure Advantages (Continued) y y y Slide 33 The project manager maintains maximum project control (through the line managers) over all resources, including cost and personnel. Policies and procedures can be set up independently for each project, provided that they do not contradict company policies and procedures. The project manager has the authority to commit company resources, provided that scheduling does not cause conflicts with other projects. Rapid responses are possible to change, conflict resolution, and project needs. The functional organization exists primarily as support for the project. Matrix Structure Advantages (Continued) y y Each person has a “home” after project completion. People are susceptible to motivation and end-item identification. Each person can be shown a career path. Because key people can be shared, the program cost is minimized. People can work on a variety of prob...
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