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E no perpetuation of technology control of functional

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Unformatted text preview: spets requires top-level coordination. There is a lack of opportunities for technical interchange between projects. There is a lack of career continuity and opportunities for project personnel. Slide 28 Matrix Development y y y y Slide 29 Participants must spend full time on the project; this ensures a degree of loyalty. Horizontal as well as vertical channels must exist for making commitments. There must be quick and effective methods for conflict resolution. There must be good communication channels and free access between managers. Matrix Development (Continued) y y y All managers must have input into the planning process. Both horizontally and vertically oriented managers must be willing to negotiate for resources. The horizontal line must be permitted to operate as a separate entity except for administrative purposes. Slide 30 The Matrix Management Structure General Manager Project Mgr. Y Project Mgr. Z Fu nctional Responsibility Engineering Project Mgr. X Operations Financ...
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