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Unformatted text preview: gement relinquish any of its power and authority to project managers. Line -staff project managers who reported to a managers division head did not have any authority or control over those portions of a project in other ontrol divisions; that is, the project manager in the engineering division could not direct activities in ngineering the manufacturing division. Slide 23 Pure Project Structure General Manager Project B Manager Project A Manager ENG. Slide 24 MFG. ENG. MFG. Project C Manager ENG. MFG. Projectized Structure Advantages y y y y y y y y y y It provides complete line authority over the project (i.e., strong control through a single project authority). The project participants work directly for the project manager. Unprofitable product lines are easily identified and can be eliminated. asily There are strong communications channels. Staffs can maintain expertise on a given project project without sharing key personnel. Very rapid reaction time is provided. provided. Slide 25 Advantages (Con...
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