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Unformatted text preview: ment for is assignment completion of a specific event or activity. Accountability is the acceptance of success or failure. Slide 20 Delegation Factors y y y y y The maturity of the project management function The size, nature, and business base of the company The size and nature of the project The life cycle of the project The capabilities of management at all levels Slide 21 Types of Authority y y y y y y The focal position for information Conflict between the project manager and functional managers Influence to cut across functional and organizational lines Participation in major management and technical decisions Collaboration in staffing the project Control over allocation and expenditure of funds Slide 22 Types of Authority (Continued) Continued) y y y y y y Selection of subcontractors Rights in resolving conflicts Voice in maintaining integrity of the project team Establishment of project plans Providing a cost-effective information effective information system for control Providing leadership in preparing operational requirements Slide 23 Types of Authority (Continued) Continued) y y y y Maintaining prime customer liaison and contact Promoting technological and managerial improvements Establishment of a project organization for the duration of the project Cutting red tape Slide 24 Types of Power y y Legal authority: the ability to gain ability support because project personnel perceive the project manager as being officially empowered to issue orders. Re...
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