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Unformatted text preview: Directing (Continued) y y y Motivating: encouraging others to perform by fulfilling or appealing to their needs. Counseling: holding private discussion with another about how he might do better work, solve a personal problem, or realize his ambitions. Coordinating: seeing that activities are carried out in relation to their importance and with a minimum of conflict. Slide 5 Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs SELF-ACTUALIZATION SELF-ESTEEM SOCIAL / BELONGING SAFETY PHYSIOLOGICAL Slide 6 Motivating y y y y y y y A feeling of pride or satisfaction for one’s ego Security of opportunity Security of approval Security of advancement, if possible Security of promotion, if possible Security of recognition A means for doing a better job, not a means to keep a job Slide 7 Professional Needs y y y y y y y y Interesting and challenging work Professionally stimulating work environment Professional growth Overall leadership (ability to lead) Tangible rewards Technical expertise (within the team) Management assistance in problemsolving Clearly defined objectives Slide 8 Professional Needs (continued) y y y y y y y y Proper management control Job security Senior management support Good interpersonal relations Proper planning Clear role definition Open communications A minimum of changes Slide 9 Providing Security y y y y Letting people know why they are where they are Making individuals feel that they belong where they are Placing individuals in positions for which they are properly trained L...
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