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Unformatted text preview: rizing work – – Directing activities – – Negotiation – – Reporting (including briefings) – briefings) y y y Slide 48 Attending meetings Overall project management Marketing and selling Functional Applications (Continued) y y Public relations Records management – Minutes – Minutes – Memos / letters / newsletters – newsletters – Reports – Reports – Specifications – – Contract documents – Slide 49 Perhaps as much as 90 percent or more of the time the project manager spends in providing project direction involves some form of communications. Slide 50 Meetings y Meetings can be classified according to their frequency of occurrence: – The daily meeting where people work together – daily on the same project with a common objective the and reach decisions informally by general informally by agreement. greement. – The weekly or monthly project meeting where – weekly monthly where members work on different but parallel projects and where there is a certain and where there a certain competitive element and greater likelihood element and greater that the chairmen will make the final decision the chairmen will make the by himself/herself. Slide 51 Meetings (Continued) –...
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