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Unformatted text preview: The irregular, occasional, or “special project” – irregular, occasional, project” meeting, composed of people whose normal of people whose work does not bring them into contact and ork does not bring contact and whose work has little or no relationship to the work has or no relationship to others. thers. Slide 52 Written media y y y Individually oriented media: These include letters, memos, and reports. Legally oriented media: These include contracts, agreements, proposals, policies, directives, guidelines, and procedures. Organizationally oriented media: These include manuals, forms, and brochures. Slide 53 Six Steps y y y y y y Think through what you wish to accomplish. Determine the way you will communicate. Appeal to the interest of those affected. Give playback on ways others communicate to you. Get playback on what you communicate. Test effectiveness through reliance on others to carry out your interactions. Slide 54 Barriers y y y Receiver hearing what he wants to hear. This results from people doing t...
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