This results from people doing the same job so long

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Unformatted text preview: he same job so long that they no longer listen. Sender and receiver having different perceptions. This is vitally important in interpreting contractual requirements, statements of work, and proposal information requests. Receiver evaluating the source before accepting the communications. Slide 55 Barriers y y y y Receiver ignoring conflicting information and doing as he pleases. Words meaning different things to different people. Communicators ignoring nonverbal cues. Receiver being emotionally upset. Slide 56 Conclusions y y y Don’t assume that the message you sent will be received in the form you sent it. The swiftest and most effective communications take place among people with common points of view. The manager who fosters good relationships with his associates will have little difficulty in communicating with them. Communications must be established early in the project. Slide 57 Communication Styles y y y y y Authoritarian: Gives expectations and specific guidance Promotional: Cultivates team spirit Facilitating: Gives guidance as required, but not interfering Conciliatory: Friendly and agreeable while building a compatible team Judicial: Uses sound judgment Slide 58 Communication Styles (Continued) y y y y y Ethical: Honest, fair and by the book Secretive: Not open or outgoing Disruptive: Breaks apart unity of group Intimidating: “Tough guy,” and can lower morale Combative: Eager to fight or be disagreeable Slide 59 Administrative Closure y Records Manag...
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