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Unformatted text preview: ning skills Culture Intelligence Knowledge base Semantics Situational consideration Emotional status Authority or position Common sense Slide 43 Internal Factors y y y y y y y y y Power games Withholding information Management by memo Reactive emotional behavior Mixed messages Indirect communications Stereotyping Transmitting partial information Blocking or selective perception Slide 44 External Factors y y y y y The business environment The political environment The economic climate Regulatory agencies The technical state-of-the-art of Slide 45 Environmental Factors y y y y y y Logistics/geographic separation Personal contact requirements Group meetings Telephone Correspondence (frequency and quantity) Electronic mail Slide 46 Ambiguity y y y Ambiguity causes us to hear what we want to hear. Ambiguity causes us to hear what the group wants. Ambiguity causes us to relate to past experiences without being discriminatory. Slide 47 Functional Applications y Providing project direction – Decision making – – Autho...
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