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Unformatted text preview: l (preferred by project managers) Slide 35 Communication Channels UPWARD COMMUNICATION TO MANAGEMENT LATERAL COMMUNICATION TO PEERS, FUNCTIONAL GROUPS AND CUSTOMERS PROJECT MANAGER LATERAL COMMUNICATION TO FRIENDS, SOCIAL GROUP AND BOTH FORMAL AND INFORMAL ORGANIZATIONS LATERAL COMMUNICATION TO ASSOCIATES AND THE PROJECT OFFICE Slide 36 Customer-Contractor Communication Customer Sponsor Project Manager Employees Contractor Informal Formal Informal Sponsor Project Manager Employees Slide 37 Total Communication Process REGION OF EXPERIENCE FOR SOURCE REGION OF EXPERIENCE FOR RECEIVER SOURCE ENCODER MESSAGE DECODER PERSONALITY SCREEN RECEIVER PERCEPTION SCREEN FEEDBACK PERCEPTION SCREEN PERSONALITY SCREEN Slide 38 Encoding Barriers y y y y y y y y Communication goals Communication skills Frame of reference Sender credibility Needs Personality and interests Interpersonal sensitivity Attitude, emotion, and self-interest Slide 39 Encoding Barriers (Continued) y y y Position and status Assumptions (about receivers) Existing relationships with receivers Slide 40 Decoding Barriers y y y y y y y y Evaluative tendency Preconceived ideas Communication skills Frame of reference Needs Personality and interest Attitudes, emotion, and self-interest Position and status Slide 41 Decoding Barriers (Continued) y y y y Assumptions about sender Existing relationship with sender Lack of responsive feedback Selective listening Slide 42 Understanding Barriers y y y y y y y y y Liste...
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