Properly trained letting employees know how their

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Unformatted text preview: etting employees know how their efforts fit into the big picture Slide 10 Motivation y y y y y Adopt a positive attitude Do not criticize management Do not make promises that cannot be kept Circulate customer reports Give each person the attention he requires Slide 11 Motivation y y y y y y y Giving assignments that provide challenges Clearly defining performance expectations Giving proper criticism as well as credit Giving honest appraisals Providing a good working atmosphere Developing a team attitude Providing a proper direction (even if Theory Y) Slide 12 Non-financial Awards/Recognition With non-financial awards, employees may receive cashequivalent items, but not cash-inhand. Slide 13 Types Of Project Authority DE JURE OR LEGAL AUTHORITY DE FACTO OR IMPLIED AUTHORITY PROJECT CHARTER AUTHORITY Slide 14 Power/Authority Problems y y y y y y y Slide 15 Poorly documented or no formal authority Power and authority perceived incorrectly Dual accountability of personnel Two bosses (who often disagree) The project organization encouraging individualism Subordinate relationships stronger than peer or superior relationships Shifting of personnel loyalties from vertical to horizontal lines Power/Authority Problems (Continued) y y y Group decision making based the strongest group Ability to influence or administer rewards and punishment Sharing resources among several projects Slide 16 Negotiations y y Negotiations should take place at the lowest level of interaction. Definiti...
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