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The lowest level of interaction definition of the

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Unformatted text preview: on of the problem must be the first priority: – The issue – issue – The impact – impact – The alternative – alternative – The recommendations – recommendations y Higher-level authority should be used if, and only if, agreement cannot be reached. Slide 17 Responsibility Matrix y y y y y y y Slide 18 General management responsibility Operations management responsibility Specialized responsibility Who must be consulted Who may be consulted Who must be notified Who must approve Responsibility Assignment Matrix (An Example) r nso po tS jec nt Pro rtme r pa age De Man er mb Me am Te e fic Of ct er o je ag Pr an tM jec Pro Raw Material Procurement Prepare bill of materials Contact vendors Visit vendors Prepare purchase orders Authorize expenditures Place purchase orders Inspect raw materials Quality control testing Update inventory file Prepare inventory report Withdraw Materials LEGEND General Management responsibility Specialized Responsibility Must be consulted May be consulted Must be notified Must approve Slide 19 Definitions y y y Authority is the right of an individual to make the necessary decisions required to achieve his objectives or responsibilities. Responsibility is the assign...
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