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Project management 19601985 no no allies 1985 1990

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Unformatted text preview: sons learned learned Slide 37 New Processes Supporting Project Management 19601985 No No Allies 1985 1990 19911992 1993 1994 EmpowerTotal Total Concurrent ment and Life Concurrent and Life Quality ReEngineerSelf Cycle Cycle ManageEngineering Manage Engineering ing Directed Costing ing Directed Costing ment Teams Teams Increasing Support Slide 38 New Processes Supporting Project Management (Continued) 1995 1996 19971998 Project Project Scope Scope Risk Offices Risk Offices Change Management And And Control Control COEs COEs 1999 2000 CoMultiLocated National Located Teams Teams Teams Increasing Support Slide 39 New Processes Supporting Project Management (Continued) 2001 2002 2003 2004 Strategic Planning Intranet Capacity Intranet Capacity Maturity For Status Planning Planning Models Models Project Reports Models Project Models Management Increasing Support 2005 ???? ???? Slide 40 Definitions: Systems y Air Force – A composite of equipment, skills, and – composite equipment, skills, techniques capable of performing and/or capable of performing supporting an operational role. A complete an operational role. complete system includes related facilities, equipment, material services, and personnel required for services, and required its operation to the degree that it can be the degree can considered as a self- sufficient unit in its as unit its intended operational and/or support and/or environment. Slide 41 Definitions: Systems (continued) y NASA – One of the principal functioning entities – One entities comprising the project hardware within a omprising the project hardware project or program. The meaning may vary to roject The may suit a particular project or program area. a or program Ordinarily, a “ system” is the first major a the first subdivision of project work (spacecraft of project work systems, launch vehicle systems). launch Slide 42 Definitions: Programs y y Air Force – The integrated, time -phased tasks necessary – integrated, time necessary to accomplish a particular purpose. y NASA – A relative series of undertakings that continue – series of undertakings over a period of time (normally years) and that ver a period of time (normally years) and are designed to accomplish a broad, scientific designed to broad, scientific or technological goal in the NASA long -range technological plan (lunar and planetary explorat...
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