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Good company decisions slide 32 benefits of project

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Unformatted text preview: its Of Project Mgt. Past View y y Project management management delivers products to products to a c ustomer. c y y The cost of project of project management may may make us us noncompetitive. Slide 33 Present View y y Project management Project management delivers solutions to a delivers to a customer. customer. y y Project management Project management will increase our will increase our business. business. Project Management Costs Versus Benefits Cost of Project Management Additional Profits from Better Project Management $ Pegged ? Time Slide 34 Industry Classification (By Project Management Utilization) • PM is a • PM is a recognized r ecognized profession profession • Multiple career • Multiple career paths paths • Income comes • Income comes from projects from projects N on ­ Project­Driven Hybrid Project -Driven • Production driven • Production driven but with many but with many projects projects • PM has P&L • PM has P&L responsibility r esponsibility Present • Emphasis on new • Emphasis new product develop. product • Short product life • Short product life cycles c • Very few projects • Profitability from production Past • Large brick walls • Long life cycle products • Marketing-orient. • Marketing-orient. • Need for rapid • Need for rapid develop. process develop. process Project Project Management Management Program Management Product Management Slide 35 From Hybrid to Project-Driven 1960 ­1990 H ybrid Hybrid Traditional Project Management y y 1990 ­2001 Hybrid Modern Project Management Entrance via project­driven divisions such as MIS and R&D y y Entrance via marketing, sales, engineering and R&D Slide 36 Recessionary Effects Characteristics Recession Layoffs Recession Layoffs R&D Training Solutions Training Sought Sought 1979 --1983 1979 1983 Blue Blue Collar Collar Eliminated Eliminated Eliminated Eliminated ShortShortTerm Term 1989 --1993 1989 1993 White White Collar Collar Focused Focused Focused Focused Long Long Term Term Results of the Results of the Recessions •• Return to status quo Return to status quo •• No project No project management management support support •• No allies for No allies for project management project management •• Change way of Change way of doing doing business business •• Risk management Risk management •• Examine lessons Examine les...
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