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In relating cost to technical performance and

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Unformatted text preview: nical performance and scheduling during the execution of the project Project Management Growth y y y y Technology increasing at an astounding rate More money invested in R&D More information available Shortening of project life cycles Slide 13 Early Reasons For Failure y y y Slide 14 There was no need for project management. Employees were not informed about how project management should work. Executives did not select the appropriate projects or project managers for the first few projects. Early Reasons for Failure (Continued) y y There was no attempt to explain the effect of the project management organizational structure on the wage and salary administration program. Employees were not convinced that executives were in total support of the change (to project management). Slide 15 Integrative Responsibility y y y y Total accountability assumed by a single person Project rather than functional dedication A requirement for coordination across functional interfaces Proper utilization of integral planning and control Slide 16 Advantages y y y y y y y y y y y y y y Easy adaptation to an ever-changing adaptation environment nvironment Ability to handle a multidisciplinary activity a within a specified period of time Horizontal as well as vertical work flow Better orientation toward customer problems Easier identification of activity responsibilities identification A multidisciplinary decision -making process process Innovation in organizational design Slide 17 Project Management Evolution y y y y y Slide 18 Biblical Project Management Military Project Management Space Exploration Heavy Construction Other Life Cycle Phases for Project Management Maturity Executive Embryonic Management Acceptance Line Management Acceptance Growth Maturity Slide 19 Life Cycle Phases for Level 2 Project Management Maturity Embryonic • Recognize need Executive Management Acceptance • Recognize benefits • Recognize Linepplications a Management Growth • Recognize what Acceptance Maturity m ust be done Slide 20 Life Cycle Phases for Level 2 Project Management Maturity Executive Management Executive Acceptance Embryonic Management • Visible executive Acceptance support Line Management Acceptance • Executive understanding of project management Maturity Growth • Project sponsorship • Willingness to change way of doing business Slide 21 Life Cycle Phases for Level 2 Project Management Maturity Line Management Acceptance Executive • Line management • Line Embryonic...
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