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Unformatted text preview: support support • Line management • Line commitment c • Line management • Line education e Management Acceptance Growth • Willingness to release • Willingness to employees for project employees m anagement training management Maturity Slide 22 Life Cycle Phases for Level 2 Project Management Maturity Growth • Development of a Executive methodology Embryonic Management • Use of life cycle Acceptance phases • Commitment to Line planning Management • Minimization of Growth Acceptance “creeping scope” Maturity • Selection of a project tracking system Slide 23 Life Cycle Phases for Level 2 Project Management Maturity Maturity Embryonic Line Management Acceptance • Development Executive of a management Management cost/ schedule control Acceptance system • Integrating cost and schedule control Maturity • Growth Developing an educational program to enhance project management skills Slide 24 Driving Forces for Maturity y Capital projects y Customer expectations y Competitiveness y Executive understanding y New product development effectiveness y Efficiency and Slide 25 The Components of Survival Capital Capital Projects Projects Efficiency and Effectiveness New Product New Product Development SURVIVAL Executive Understanding Customer Customer Expectations Expectations Competitiveness Competitiveness Slide 26 The Speed of Maturity Internal Non-Project -Driven Efficiencies & Efficiencies and Hybrid Effectiveness Organizations Project-Driven Organizations Customer Expectations Competitiveness Fast Speed of Maturity Slow Slide 27 Benefits Of Project Mgt. Past View y y Project management management will require more ill people and add to the and add to overhead costs. verhead y y Profitability may Profitability decrease. ecrease. Present View y y Project management Project management allows us to allows us to accomplish more accomplish more work in less time and work in less time and with less people. with less people. y y Profitability will Profitability will iincrease.. ncrease Slide 28 B...
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