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Systems slide 43 definitions projects y nasaair force

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Unformatted text preview: ion, manned (lunar and planetary spacecraft systems). systems). Slide 43 Definitions: Projects y NASA/Air Force – A project is within a program as an – project within program an undertaking with a scheduled beginning and with beginning and end, and which normally involves some and normally some primary purpose. Slide 44 KINDS OF PROJECTS Once a group of tasks is selected and considered to be a project the next step is to define the kinds of projects encountered. There are four categories of projects: INDIVIDUAL PROJECTS Short-duration projects normally assigned to a single individual who may be acting as a project manager and/or a functional manager. STAFF PROJECTS These projects that can be accomplished by one organizational unit, say a department. Staff (or a task force) is developed from each section involved. This works best when one functional unit is involved . Slide 45 SPECIAL PROJECTS Very often special projects occur which require that certain primary functions and/or authority be assigned temporarily to other individuals or unit. T hese works best for short -duration projects. Long-term projects can lead to severe conflicts. MATRIX OR AGGREGATE PROJECTS These projects require specific (or specialized) input from a large number of functional (or business) units and usually control vast resources. Slide 46 Successes Vs. Failures Failu res Su ccesses Successes Projects MATURITY MATURITY 2 YEARS EXCELLEN CE EXCELLEN CE 5 YEARS 5 YEARS Time Slide 47 Evolution of Policies, Procedures and Guidelines Life Cycle Phases 1970s Guidelines per Life Cycle Phase Policy and Procedure Manuals Early 1980s Mid 1980s Late 1980s CONVENTIONAL PROJECT MANAGEMENT CONVENTIONAL PROJECT MANAGEMENT LEGEND itu gn Ma de D of Checklists with Periodic Review Points General Project Guidelines 1990s Project Management with Concurrent Engineering n tio ta en um oc Slide 48 DEFINITION OF A PROJECT LIFE CYCLE PMO PMO Resources Utilized CONVERSION OR TERMINATION PHASE * DETAILED IMPLEMENTATION PLANNING PHASE PHASE RESOURCES CONCEPTUAL FEASIBILITY AND PHASE PRELIMINARY PLANNING PHASE TIME Slide 49 Cost Succ...
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