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Y alit qu cope s or time slide 50 the definition of

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Unformatted text preview: ess: Point Or Cube? y alit Qu cope) s (or Time Slide 50 The Definition Of Success Slide 51 Success y Definition of Success – Primary Factors x Within Time x x Within Cost x Cost x Within Quality x Quality x Accepted by The Customer x Accepted Customer Slide 52 Success Secondary Factors: Secondary Factors: x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Customer Reference Customer Reference Follow -on Work Follow on Work Financial Success Financial Technical Superiority Technical Superiority Strategic Alignment Strategic Alignment Regulatory Agency Relations Regulatory Agency Relations Health and Safety Health and Safety Environmental Protection Environmental Protection Corporate Reputation Corporate Reputation Employee Alignment Employee Alignment Ethical conduct Ethical conduct Slide 53 Success y Critical Success Factors (CSFs) [Focuses on the Deliverables] y Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) [Focuses on the Execution Metrics of the Process] Slide 54 Key Performance Indicators These are shared learning topics which allow us to maximize what we do right and correct what we do wrong. Slide 55 Components of Failure None A Actual B Planned Achievable Perfection C D E Perceived Failure Accomplishment Actual Failure Planning Failure Slide 56 Components of Failure None A Actual B Accomplishment Achievable Planned Perfection C D Perceived Failure Actual Failure Planning Failure Slide 57 Performance Risk Planning r me st o Cu s i on ta t ec xp E e rma nc l Per fo Actua Time Poor Risk Management Technical Inability Slide 58 Mitigation Strategies Available Technical Risk Assessment and Forecasting Te c S t hn i rat ca eg l y Financial Risk Assessment Project Project t ke Objectives ar M ct/ gy du te ro Stra P Market Risk Risk Assessment and Forecasting Numerous Project Planning Project Execution Schedule Risk Assessment Opportunities for Tradeoffs Opportunities Resulting from Risk Analyses Limited Slide 59 The starting point in the development of any project management methodology is the implementation of a stage-gate process. Slide 60 Stages y G...
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