5 trillion lire 16 billion dollars limited

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Unformatted text preview: ated In at 3.5 trillion lire (~1.6 billion dollars) Limited seasonality Limited Pasta Power! Pasta Italy consumes the most pasta (17.8 kilos per person) pasta, which country consumes the second most? A. France B. Portugal C. Germany D. Greece E. United States Case Problem Case Director of Logistics, Giorgio Maggiali Director Variation in distributors order patterns Variation have caused operational inefficiencies and cost penalties for Barilla and Maggiali has hired your 3 teams to Maggiali help Barilla with this problem. Barilla Product Lines Product “Fresh” products – Pasta (21 days) – Bread (1 day) “Dry” products (75% of Sales!) – Pasta (18-24 months) – Cookies (10-12 wks) – 800 different SKUs (470 pasta) – 200 different shapes and sizes – Various Packaging options Ex: Pasta #5 comes in 1kg, 2kg, or 5kg box. Ex: Barilla Barilla Manufacturing Barilla cannot easily accommodate a change Barilla in demand – Temperature and humidity in kiln are precisely Temperature specified for each shape and size of pasta specified – Barilla follows carefully chosen production Barilla sequence to reduce changeover costs and keep quality high quality – Each plant specializes in specific Barilla products Distribution Systems Systems Barilla Central Distribution Centers (...
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