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Holds one month worth of inventory feeds distributors

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Unformatted text preview: CDC) Barilla – Products shipped from plant to CDC. – Holds one month worth of inventory – Feeds Distributors Distributors Distributors – Grande Distribuzione (GD) Grande Distribuzione Supermarket Chain Supermarket – Distribuzione Organizzata (DO) Independent Supermarkets Independent – Barilla Run Depots Small Independent Shops (Signora Maria) Small Barilla Supply Chain Supply Distribution Systems Systems Distributors Distributors – Independent from Barilla. – Purchase products from Barilla CDCs Purchase CDCs – Maintains own inventory – Fills supermarket orders – Holds 2 week supply of dry products – Distributors have private records of sale Distributors information. information. – Wish to hold many variations of Barilla’s products products Distribution Systems Systems Retail Level Retail – Places orders with their respective Places distributor. distributor. – No record of...
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