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Pasta what steps should giorgio maggiali take to

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Unformatted text preview: n structure Demand Management Inventory Transportation Facilities Drivers Information Pasta Power! Pasta What steps should Giorgio Maggiali take to improve Barilla’s supply chain information and burdening demand fluctuations? Just-In-Time Just Time Distribution Distribution Barilla’s own logistics organization Barilla would specify the “appropriate” delivery quantities – More effectively meet the end customer More need need – Distribute workload on manufacturing Distribute and logistics evenly and – Shifts decision making authority to Barilla Shifts from the distributor from Order Quantity Order Information Flow Traditional Supply Chain Distributors Just-In-Time Supply Chain Conclusion Conclusion Maggiali believes that “Just-In-Time” Maggiali Distribution is the solution for Barilla Barilla’s sales department and its Barilla distributors are not on board with Maggiali We have been hired to: We – – – Prove program feasibility Identify target customers Convince internal reluctance Thank you! Thank...
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