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Each company has its own concerns and priorities for

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Unformatted text preview: any has it’s own concerns and priorities for the upcoming holiday season…. the What are the concerns? Company Considerations Company Sandra Subcontracting costs will increase if she does not plan properly plan Her bonus depends on Her bonus depends level of production costs production Must ensure that they will be able to meet demand for holiday season surge season Wants significant sales Wants before buying season before Bill Concerned about competing toy stores gaining market share market Must keep prices in Must line with other toy stores stores Wants significant Wants sales during buying during buying season season Proposed Plans Proposed Sandra Lower retail price ($50) by $5 in $5 in September September Sept. demand increase Sept. by 50% by 30% of Oct. and Nov. 30% demand would occur in Sept. as forward buys Sept. Bill Lower retail price ($50) by $5 in $5 in November November Nov. demand increases Nov. by 50% by 30% of Dec. demand 30% would occur in Nov. as forward buys. forward Demand...
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