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Impact base case with no promotion is the best base

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Unformatted text preview: n is the best Base option in this case PR O FIT ($10 D iscount) $34, 000 $33, 640 $33, 500 P oit rf $32, 990 $33, 000 $32, 480 $32, 500 $32, 000 $31, 500 B as e Cas e S andra's plan Opti ons B ill's plan Class Discussion Class Reactions to results Ideas for improvement For Sandra For For Bill For Overall Overall Factors Affecting Promotion Timing Factors Factor High forward buying High stealing share High growth of market High margin Low margin High holding cost Low flexibility Favored timing Low demand period High demand period High demand period High demand period Low demand period Low demand period Low demand period S.Chopra/Demand Planning Aggregate Planning Aggregate Senior Management Profit M Predictable Variability SU PP LY ize m in i e nu ve re D AN M ize co st s im ax M DE Operations Marketing Questions or Comments Questions Thank you for your participation...
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