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13 enzymes a function by raising activation energy

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Unformatted text preview: nzymes a . function by raising activation energy required for reactions. b. are protein molecules that act as catalysts. c. can be used again after a reaction. d. b and c 12. Which of these statements is true? a . There are 12 basic types of amino acids in proteins. b. Eight essential amino acids can be produced by the human body. c. Amino acids are arranged in the same order in all proteins. d. Hydrogen bonds produce folds or coils in an amino acid chain. e. Shape of proteins does not affect their function. 14. Which of these concepts is directly related to the shape of a protein? a . lock and key model of enzymes b. denaturation c. hydrogen bonds form between amino acids d. enzymes are specific for the reactions they control e. all of the above ✰ 15. DNA a . is the genetic material of the cell. b. is a single strand of nucleotides. c. contains the sugar ribose. d. occurs in three different types. e. all of the above ✰ F INAL CHALLENGES Use a separate sheet of paper to complete this section. 1. You...
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