The Chemical Basis of Life Study Guide

Quick recall 1 list three subatomic particles and

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Unformatted text preview: the cell; controls cell activities. QUICK RECALL 1. List three subatomic particles and give their charge. 2. List three types of bonds between atoms. 3. List three types of chemical reactions according to the size of the reactant and product molecules. 4. List four influences on the rate of a chemical reaction. 8 5. Name the four types of large organic molecules found in living things. For each type of organic molecule, list its building block(s). 6. List three kinds of carbohydrates. 7. List three functions of lipids in the human body. 8. List six functions of proteins in the human body. 9. List three functions of nucleic acids in the human body. WORD PARTS Give an example of a new vocabulary word that contains each word part. WORD PART MEANING EXAMPLE neutr- neither 1. i so- equal; alike 2. syn- together 3. p oly- many 4. mono- one 5. s acchar- sugar 6. 9 MASTERY LEARNING ACTIVITY Place the letter corresponding to the correct answer in the space provided. 1 . The smallest particles into which an element can be divided using chemical methods are a...
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