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Economy contracts productivity companies gdp declines

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Unformatted text preview: es & GDP) declines Workers Earn Lower Wages Households Buy Less Graph showing unemployment claims. Shaded areas show spells of economic recession. 5 1/10/2014 Paying $5,000 a semester all of the sudden increasing by 10%. This is inflation. Inflation - the general rate at which the price of a particular good/service or a group of goods/services increases over a specified period of time. 6 1/10/2014 energy Inflation is caused by individual businesses making decisions that affect the rest of the goods and services. up by 12% 2010-2011 : 1.12 shelter 2010-2011 : 1.018 all products and services 2010-2011: 1.037 (annual inflation rate = 3.7%) 2000-2011: 1.31 up by 31% 2% Annual 6% Annual 10% Annual Years Inflation Rate Inflation Rate Inflation Rate 5 91 cents 75 cents 62 cents 10 82 cents 56 cents 39 cents 30 55 cents 17 cents 6 cents 7...
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