Solubility Homework Set

0x1019 pbs 30x1028 mns 30x1014 nis 11x1021 sns

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Unformatted text preview:  and 0.01 M Cl‐. If a dilute AgNO3 solution is slowly added to the solution what precipitate forms first? Ag2CrO4 (Ksp = 1.210‐12), Ag2CO3 (Ksp = 8.110‐12), AgCl (Ksp = 1.8 10‐10)? 70. In which one of the following solutions is silver chloride the most soluble? a) 0.181 M HCl solution b) 0.0176 M NH3 solution c) Pure water d) 0.744 M LiNO3 solution e) 0.181 M NaCl solution 71. Given the following Ksp values, which statement about solubility in water is correct? PbCrO4 = 2.0 x 10‐16 Zn(OH)2 = 4.5 x 10‐17 Pb(OH)2 = 1.2 x 10‐15 MnS = 2.3 x 10‐13 a) PbCrO4, Zn(OH)2, and Pb(OH)2 have the same solubilities in water. b) PbCrO4 has the lowest solubility in water. c) The solubility of MnS in water will not be pH dependant d) MnS has the highest molar solubility in water. e) A saturated PbCrO4 solution will have a higher [Pb2+] that a saturated Pb(OH)2 solution. 5 Dr. Fus CHEM 123 Qualitative Analysis Group II & III (Section 17.7 & Lab Manual pages 49 – 86) 72. A solution contains 0.015 M Cu2+ and 0.015 M Ni2+. The solution is saturated with H2S (0.10M) and...
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