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Unformatted text preview: CaF2, Ksp = 1.5 x 10‐10, FeF2 Ksp = 2.4 x 10‐6, PbF2 Ksp = 7.1 x 10‐7 66. A solution contains 0.010 M Al3+ and 0.010 M Ag+. Solid Na3PO4 is slowly added to separate the two cations. Ksp for AlPO4 is 1.3 x 10‐20 and Ksp for Ag3PO4 is 1.3 x 10‐20. Which cation would precipitate first,and after it precipitates, what concentration of PO43‐ ion should be obtained in the solution for the best separation? 67. A solution of NaF is added dropwise to a solution that is 0.0144 M in Ba2+. BaF2 (Ksp = 1.7 x 10‐6) will begin to precipitate when the concentration of F‐ ions reaches what value? Neglect volume changes associated with the addition of NaF solution. 68. AgNO3 is slowly added to a solution containing the following anions: 0.02 M CO32‐ 0.02 M AsO42‐ 0.02 M I‐ In what order will these salts precipitate? Ksp for Ag3AsO4 = 1.0 x 10‐22 AgI = 8.3 x 10‐17 Ag2CO3 = 8.1 x 10‐12 69. A solution contains three anions with the following concentrations, 0.20 M CrO42‐, 0.10 M CO32...
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