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A uponadditionofnh3whichcomplexionswillform b

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Unformatted text preview: adjusted to pH = 2.00. Which of the metal sulfides will precipitate? Ksp of NiS is 3 x 10–20, Ksp of CuS is 6 x 10–37. 73. Solutions were prepared using 0.03 M metal ion, 0.10 M H2S and a pH of 5.25. Which metal sulfides will precipitate? K1 H2S = 9.5 x 10‐8 NiS = 3 x 10‐21 PbS = 7 x 10‐29 Ksp: MnS = 3 x 10‐14 74. Which of the following metal sulfides would form a precipitate from a solution of pH = 3.75 containing 0.10 M H2S (K1 = 9.5 x 10‐8) and 0.01 M metal ion? Ksp for MnS = 3 x 10‐14, FeS = 6 x 10‐19, CoS = 5 x 10‐22 2+, Co2+, Pb2+, Ni2+, Cu2+, Sn2+, Fe2+, Sb3+, Al3+, Cr3+, and Bi3+ ions is treated with 75. A solution containing Zn HNO3 and H2S. What is the identity of the precipitate(s) that form and which ions remain in solution? 76. Aqua regia is a commonly used reagent in experiment #25. What is the identity of aqua regia and what purpose does each component serve? 77. For the sulfide equilibrium of the type: MS(s) + H2O(l)↔M2+(aq) + HS‐(aq) +OH‐(aq) Ksp CdS 8.0 x 10‐28 CoS 5.0 x 10‐22 CuS 6.0...
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