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Amns balcl3 ckno3 dnaf ena3po4

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Unformatted text preview: increase the solubility of silver acetate? HNO3 NH3 AgNO3 NaC2H3O2 48. How many of the following salts would be more soluble in acidic solution that in pure water? CaS AuCl3 PbF2 ZnCO3 BaC2O4 49. Would each of the following reagents increase, decrease, of have no effect on the solubility of Cu(OH)2? HCl NH3 NaOH CuCl2 50. Which salt solubility would be most sensitive to pH? CaF2 CaCl2 Ca(NO3)2 CaBr2 CaI2 51. The solubility of which of the listed salts would be unaffected by the presence of a strong acid? BaF2 FePO4 SnI2 KClO4 3 Dr. Fus CHEM 123 52. How many of the following reagents, when added to a solution in contact with solid NiCO3 would change the solubility of NiCO3? NaCl Na2CO3 NH3 HCl NiCl2 53. The solubility of how many of the following salts will be affected by strong acid? NaNO3 BaF2 AgBr Cu3(PO4)2 54. Zinc oxalate is a slightly soluble salt. How many of the following reagents would be expected to decrease the solubility of ZnC2O4? NH3 NaOH HCl ZnCl2 Na2C2O4 55. Which of the following reagents wo...
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