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Unformatted text preview:BIO 2870 - LECTURE EXAM (III) - FALL 2006 Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1. Our bodies have the capacity of sensing blood volume, pressure, electrolyte levels, carbon dioxide levels and oxygen levels. Much of this information comes from and can be used to help modulate the activity of the a. proprioceptors ; AV node Cc) interoceptors ; SA node b. special sensory receptors ; AV d. somatic sensory receptors ; SA node node 2. Chromaffin cells function as: (a/ postganglionic sympathetic c. postganglionic parasympathetic neurons neurons b. preganglionic sympathetic neurons d. preganglionic parasympathetic neurons 3. The most abundant nucleated formed element in blood is the: g) neutrophil c. thrombocyte . lymphocyte d. erythrocyte 4. The opening to the coronary artery circulation is located right above: a. the mitral valve c} aortic semilunar valve b. the right atrioventricular valve . pulmonary semilunar valve 5. Which of the following cells types are classified as agranulocytes: a. eosinophils and neutrophils c. neutrophils and basophils b. basophils and lymphocytes @l lymphocytes and monocytes 6. If the thyroid follicular cells have defunct TSH-sensitive iodide pumps in the basal end of the cell, then a condition known as goiter is likely to develop: Ca; true b. false 7. Dynein is a MAP that "walks" away from perikaryons: /4 true [9/ false