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Industrialization then swept the usa abel wolman 1892

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Unformatted text preview: d them, collects data, then sees what the causes could be of miasma and cholera Interviewed victims and families Considered explanations: Miasma Divine causes Unknown natural causes Mapped his case data: then found that Broad Street pump was main cause of cholera, so he locked the pump and the epidemic ended. Florence Nightingale: Nurse Statistician Sanitary reformer – but not in the Crimean War Nightingales’s Polar Area Graph: studied mortality and cause of each with radical graph form. Showed dramatic changes in mortality, she wasn’t doing sanitary reform in Crimean war, she was actually doing statistical analysis. Nightingale in India: Convinced of need for sanitary reform Communicated need effectively with statistics and graphs Lobbied for reforms in India Reforms (probably) underpinned mortality declines among soldiers from 69/1000 to 18/1000. Causality here is that ill people give other people the illness. Industrialization then swept the USA: Abel Wolman (1892- 1989): Engineer, state of MD Devised municipal water chlorination 1920’s ! used for filtering water. Typhoid, cholera eliminated Pre- Med undergraduat...
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