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Swamp bonification improving swamps sand filters

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Unformatted text preview: lty surviving: Malaria Yellow Fever Sleeping Sickness Could not colonize because of this… British were first, British and French (first to claim the interior) control almost all of it. Chance factors from perspective of colonized, because this who ends up where affects what the territory gets. What changed? Massive transformation in survival methods in Africa Empirical innovations: Hill stations: higher altitude reduces exposure to mosquitoes etc. Swamp bonification: improving swamps Sand filters Quinine Germ Theory, Robert Koch 1882 Eventually led to causative agents – health benefits realized primarily after WWI. Life Expectancy transformation: increase in life expectancy from 1800s till today ! seems to be that regions that make earliest health transition progress, have highest life expectancy now. Many historic transitions have hinged on the management of threats to health: Colonization War Industrialization Urbanization Virtually all aspects of modern life. Joining a tradition: Ed...
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