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Fog sickness cholera outbreak in london 1854 accounts

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Unformatted text preview: win Chadwick: poor law reformer, English, 1800- 1890 Works for city in UK, administrator, social reformer. ! charged with enforcing and generating poor laws (set of laws that deal punitively with the poor, his innovation is to start thinking how poor people can get to work more productively) Advocated for public health to reduce money required for poor relief 1842: sanitary condition of the laboring population advocated for reduced crowding, waste removal, sewerage, ventilation, proper burials staunch believer in state authority, utilitarianism, most good for most people John Snow, 1813- 1858 English physician, early public health advocate, founder of epidemiology Methods: Skeptical of miasma theory ! fog sickness Cholera outbreak in London, 1854 ! accounts everyone who has cholera and the people aroun...
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