Infectious Diseases and DALYs

Damnosum lives on rocks on surface of water naevi

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Unformatted text preview: diagnose the disease? Whom is at risk? What behaviors contribute to risk? How do we respond to meds? Environment: Sub- Sahara: Breeds in the ground and needs certain temperature to breed Prefers to bite animals (keep fields stocked wth animals) Brush clearing Three colonizers, three responses: Belgium: medical passports; Cordon Sanitaire Set boundaries across which citizens would not be able to cross without medical passport (tested and certified tsetse free, spinal tap) Isolate population that have it from areas tsetse free Britain: kill tsetse via habitat destruction, fly traps Germany: kill trypanosome in people by developing drugs None were effective; ultimate strategy was pioneered by the French, blend of Belgian and German ideas (atoxyl) Forced spinal tap diagnoses and forced treatments on everyone who needed it. Onchocerciasis: Onchocerca...
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