Infectious Diseases and DALYs

Right to health applicable everywhere gender adjusted

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Unformatted text preview: we should invest in one thing but not another (prioritizing and making comparisons) BUT it includes wild assumptions, outrageous generalizations, and gross oversimplifications Time is key: Calculation requires a standard lifespan Japanese life expectancy is used Why is that a good standard? Right to health Applicable everywhere? Gender adjusted Age discounts: are all years the same? Some years of life are worth more From mid- 20’s to 30’s is peak Disability weights: x percentage of your disability’s effect on your total capacity (irrespective of time it lasts) 0 = perfect health 1 = death TB = 0.271 Congenital syphilis = 0.315 AIDS not on ART = 0.505; on ART = 0.167 Malnutrition: Wasting = 0.053 Stunting: 0.002 Developmental disability = 0.024 All around the world, most cultures evaluated disabilities more or less the same. Examples: Deafness: 0.229 (affected by cause and age) Diarrheal diseases: 0.105 (varies with age) Blindness: 0.60 THESE WERE DEVELOPED BY HAVING PEOPLE TAKE A SURVEY AND COME UP WITH A PAIRWISE COMPARISON OF TWO DISEASES. OPINIONS WERE BASIS OF WEIGHTS. Patrick Manson: Investigating Transmission: Fil...
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