Infectious Diseases and DALYs

Whom is at risk what behaviors contribute to risk how

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Unformatted text preview: unless otherwise specified Chagas or American trypanosomiasis Fatal if not treated Sub- Sahara (environment) Epidemics: Three in the 20th century 1900, 1920, 1970 killing disease non- immune populations burns, smolders, burns epidemiological curve: double- peaked First modern epidemic around 1900 in Lake Victoria, Uganda 300,000 Africans lvied around the area the disease killed 200,000 epidemic burned out 1903, Liverpool School’s expedition to the area to discover source of disease Applying Manson’s idea: Vector: tsetse fly: Trap fly Stop tsetse from biting people Use insect repellant and don’t wear blue (at the time, bush deforestation (brush clearing) was thought to work) Agent: trypanosome Medications to kill it once it’s in the body Make body strong enough to resist invasion Kill all flies that have it Host: people: How can we...
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